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AIYSEE 2021 Admit Card : All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Exam

Organisation : Regus Eversun Business Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Exam Name : All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Examination (AIYSEE)
Announcement : Download AIYSEE 2021 Admit Card
Exam Date : 15th August 2021 to 15th September 2021
Website :

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AIYSEE Scholarship Exam

AIYSEE provides economical test series at an affordable cost of Rs. 1150 for one year. Through this test series subscription the students can avail AIYSEE test series for 1 year.

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The scholarship exam is free and has no cost envolved, the application fee charge of Rs. 1150 is mandatory as the AIYSEE test series is provided for 1 year in which students can practise for varoius upcoming exams like NEET, IIT JEE etc.

AIYSEE Scholarship Exam Admit Card

Student can download admit card from through the student login panel located on the top right-hand side on the website

Steps To Download AIYSEE Admit Card

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to download the admit card for All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Examination (AIYSEE) 2021

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter the Registration Number
Step-3 : Enter the Email ID
Step-4 : Enter the Password and
Step-5 : Click on “Sign In” button to download the admit card.

AIYSEE Engineering Physics Syllabus

Unit 1: Physical World and Measurement:
Chapter–1: Physical WorldPhysics -scope and excitement; nature of physical laws; Physics, technology and society.

Chapter–2: Units and MeasurementsNeed for measurement: Units of measurement; systems of units; SI units, fundamental and derivedunits. Length, mass and time measurements; accuracy and precision of measuringinstruments; errorsin measurement; significant figures.Dimensions of physical quantities, dimensional analysis and its applications.

Unit 2: Kinematics
Chapter–3: Motion in a Straight LineFrame of reference, Motion in a straight line: Position-time graph, speed and velocity.Elementary concepts of differentiation and integration for describing motion.Uniform and non-uniform motion, average speed and instantaneous velocity. Uniformly accelerated motion, velocitytime and position-time graphs.Relations for uniformly accelerated motion (graphical treatment).

Chapter–4: Motion in a PlaneScalar and vector quantities; Position and displacement vectors, general vectors and their notations;equality of vectors, multiplication of vectors by a real number; addition and subtraction ofvectors. Relative velocity. Unit vector; Resolution of a vector in a plane -rectangular components. Scalarand Vector product of vectors.Motion in a plane, cases of uniform velocity and uniform acceleration-projectile motion. Uniformcircular motion.

Unit 3: Laws of Motion
Chapter–5: Laws of MotionIntuitive concept of force. Inertia, Newton’s first law of motion; momentum and Newton’s secondlaw of motion; impulse; Newton’s third law of motion.Law of conservation of linear momentum and its applications.Equilibrium of concurrent forces. Static and kinetic friction, laws of friction, rolling friction,lubrication.Dynamics of uniform circular motion: Centripetal force, examples of circular motion (vehicle on alevel circular road, vehicle on banked road)

Unit 4: Work, Energy and Power
Chapter–6: Work, Engery and PowerWork done by a constant force and a variable force; kinetic energy, work-energy theorem, power.

Important Dates

AIYSEE Scholarship Application Apply Online 15 MARCH 2021 15 MAY 2021
AIYSEE 2021 Examination 15 AUGUST 2021 15 SEPTEMBER 2021
Admit Card 1 JULY 2021 30 JULY 2021
Scholarship Distribution DECEMBER 2021 JANUARY 2021


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