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trb.tripura.gov.in Download Admit Card 2016 T-TET Teachers Eligibility Test : TRBT

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Organisation : Teachers’ Recruitment Board, Tripura (TRBT)
Announcement : Download Admit Card
Designation : Tripura Teachers Eligibility Test 2016 (T-TET)

Home Page : http://trb.tripura.gov.in/

Download Admit Card :

Download of Admit Card from TRBT website 10.09.2016 to 20.09.2016

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Tripura Eligibility Test 2016 (T-TET 2016), Paper-l and paper-l1, scheduled on 25.09.2016 (Sunday).

** The Solar System.
** Globe, Latitudes and Longitudes.
** Interior of the Earth.
** Rocks: Types and Characteristics.
** Major Landforms of the Earth: Processes and Types.
** Atmosphere: Composition, Structure, Temperature, Pressure, Wind System and Precipitation.
** Water: Ocean Currents and Tides.
** Our Changing Earth: Weathering and Erosion, Works of River, Glacier, Wind and Sea Waves.
** Human Environment Relation: Settlement, Transport and Communication.
** India: Relief, Drainage, Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife.
** Resources: Concept, Classification, Mineral and Power Resources, Resource Conservation, Human Resource.
** Agriculture: Types of Farming and Major Crops.
** Industry: Classification, Locational Factors of Industries, Iron and Steel Industry, Cotton Textile Industry, Information Technology (IT) Industry.
** Disaster: Natural and Man-made.

2. HISTORY: (15 MCQs)
** Civilization: Egypt, Mesopotamia, Harappa and Aryan Civilization, Buddhism and Jainism.
** Sixteen Mahajanapada and the First Empire: Asoka the Great, Science and Literature in Gupta Age, Art and Architecture of Pallavas in South India.
** Sultans of Delhi – 1st and 2nd Battle of Tarain, Foudation and Consolidation of Delhi Sultaniate, The Slave Dynasty – Iltutmish.
** Khalji Dynasty – Allauddin. Invasion of Taimurlong,
** The Bhakti and Sufi Movements.
** Babur: Beginning of the Mughal Rule – 1st and 2nd Battle of Panipath, Battle of Khanuar, Battle of Chousa, Akbar the Great, Mughal Art and Architecture.
** The Establishment of Company Power in India, Battle of Palashi, Battle of Buxar, Grant of Diwani, Agrarian Revolts, Munda, Santal, Indigo (Nil) Revolt, The Revolt of 1857-1858, Social and Cultural Reform Movements of India in 19th Century.
** The National Movement – Gandhian Era, Role of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
** Tribal Society and Festival in Tripura.

** Diversity in Indian Society: Society and Institutions, Gender Issues, Inequality and Social Justice, Issues of the Marginalized, Human Rights, Understanding Media.
** Government, Democracy, Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, Election Process in India, the Constitution of India, Central and State Government, Local Self-Government in Tripura.

** Nature, Scope and Significance of Social Science Curriculum: Trends, Principles and Organizations, Techniques and Planning of Instruction, Types of Learners and Requirements (Academic and Environmental) for Learning, Problems of Teaching Social Science, Co-Curricular Activities, Purpose and Modern Trends of Evaluation.

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