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AIMS ATMA 2016 Download Admit Card Test for Management Admissions

Organisation : Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS)
Announcement : Download Admit Card
Entrance Test : AIMS Test for Management Admissions

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Download your admit card here :
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Download Admit Card :

ATMA 24th July 2016: Candidates can print Admit Cards using PID and Password.

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Nature of the Test :
The Test contains 180 Questions spread over six sections. Each section in Paper-based Test may be attempted in serial order. There is no such requirement for On-line Test. Total time of the Test is 3 hours. The questions cover Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal skills.

Structure Of ATMA :
Section Question-Context related to No. Of Questions Time allotted
I Analytical Reasoning Skills 30 30 Min
II Verbal Skills 30 30 Min
III Quantitative Skills 30 30 Min
IV Verbal Skills 30 30 Min
V Analytical Reasoning Skills 30 30 Min
VI Quantitative Skills 30 30 Min
Total 180 180 Min

Each multiple-choice question is followed by four answers numbered 1,2,3 and 4. You have to choose the correct or best answer from these four choices and then darken the corresponding oval in the answer sheet/click the right answer in the On-line Test.

Marking on the Answer Sheet for Paper-based Test. Use a HB pencil only for darkening the ovals. The scanner will not respond to the Ovals marked with an ink pen or a ballpoint pen or any other colour.

Remember that you have to darken (with a HB pencil) one oval for each question. More than one darkened oval for a question will be treated as an incorrect or wrong answer and a negative score will be given. If you have to erase, erase completely. If any dark mark/shade is left inside an oval, the optical scanner will read it as marked and score according to the rule.

A couple of HB pencils duly sharpened, a good quality eraser, a sharpener, a silent watch, the blank specimen answer sheet (Annexure IV) with your biodata duly filled in, a ballpoint pen, Receipt for Payment, Photo ID Card (in original) and Admit Card can be brought to the Test Venue. Nothing else should be brought to the Test Venue. The ballpoint pen may be used only for signing.

For the On-line Test, the candidate has to bring only Receipt for Payment, his/her Registration copy, a Photo ID (in original) and Admit Card to the testing lab.

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