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HAL Download Call Letter 2015 Technician : Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Koraput Division

Organisation : Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Koraput Division
Announcement : Download Call Letter
Designation : Technician
Reference Number : HAL/KPT/ADVT.No. – 03/2015

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Downloading call letter for Written Test 23-11-2015 Monday
Date of Written Test 29-11-2015 Sunday

The Written Test will be held tentatively at Bhubaneswar.

The Written Test will be of 2½ hours duration. The test will be in three parts, comprising of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Part–I will consist of 20 questions on General Awareness. Part–II will consist of 40 questions on English & Reasoning. Part–III will consist of 100 questions on the concerned Trade. Each question carries one mark each and there is no negative Mark.

Candidates have to appear Written Test at their own expenses, on the date, time & venue, which will be mentioned in their Admit Card. The candidates have to download Admit Card from HAL website.

Candidates are required to bring Admit Card & one of the following Original Photo Identity Card, along with a Xerox copy of Photo Identity Card which duly self-attested, to prove their identity before the Invigilator, failing which they will not be allowed to appear for the Written Test:-
o Voters ID card
o Driving License
o Aadhaar Card
o Passport
o PAN Card
o ID Card (by Central/State Govt./PSU for their employees)
o ID cards (by Government Agencies authorized)
o ID Cards (by College/Institute where last studied)

Set: Sample Paper
General Awareness
1. The union Government on 24 June 2015 launched the first modernised Anganwadi centre of India in
A) Bihar
B) Rajasthan
C) Haryana
D) Punjab
Answer: Option C
2. Which of the following is the first atomic plant established in India?
A) Kaiga
B) Tarapur
C) Narora
D) Kota
Answer: Option B
3. Who invented X-Rays?
A) Wilhelm Roentgen
B) Madam Cury
C) J J Thomson
D) Simon Russell
Answer: Option A

English and Reasoning
1. He has an aptitude _______ foreign languages.
A) for
B) to
C) with
D) in
Answer: Option A
2. Identify the correct spelling:
A) oodoure
B) odoure
C) odour
D) oddour
Answer: Option C
3. He ________ upon his horse and rode off.
A) jumped
B) jumps
C) jump
D) jumping
Answer: Option A

1. Which tool is used for checking the 90? angles or squareness and flatness of surfaces of job?
A) Steel Rule
B) ‘V’ Block
C) Surface Plate
D) Try Square
Answer: Option D
2. Which of the following metals is used to make the tongs used in forging shop?
A) Mild steel
B) High carbon steel
C) Cast Iron
D) Pig Iron
Answer: Option A
3. Which of the following is used to control the pressure of flow in a pipe?
A) Reducer
B) Socket
C) Stop Valve
D) Union
Answer: Option C

Technician (Welder)
1. In arc welding process, which energy is converted into heat energy?
A) Light energy
B) Mechanical energy
C) Chemical energy
D) Electrical energy
Answer: Option D
2. Generally the gas used for gas welding is a mixture of
A) Oxygen and hydrogen
B) Acetylene and nitrogen
C) Oxygen and acetylene
D) Hydrogen and acetylene
Answer: Option C
3. Cracking can be expected in the welding of
A) Non-ferrous metals
B) Magnetic materials
C) Ferrous metals
D) Aluminium
Answer: Option C

Technician (Grinder)
1. Which of the following process provides the best surface finish?
A) Turning operation
B) Shaping operation
C) Grinding operation
D) Milling operation
Answer: Option C
2. Power is transmitted by lead screw to the carriage through
A) Gear box
B) Worm and gear
C) Rack pinion
D) Half nut
Answer: Option D
3. Which of the following gauge is used for checking of holes?
A) Ring gauge
B) Snap gauge
C) Plug gauge
D) Dial gauge
Answer: Option C

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