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Organisation : Directorate of Audit (Local Fund), Assam
Announcement : Download Admit Card
Designation : Assistant Audit Officer 2015

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Government of Assam has commissioned the Assam Institute of Management to design and administer the selection process for recruitment of Assistant Audit Officer under the Directorate of Audit (Local Fund), Assam. With reference to your online application to the above mentioned post, you are required to appear for written examination to be held on 1st November 2015 (SUNDAY) and 8th November 2015 (SUNDAY) at the Examination Venue mentioned in your ADMIT CARD.

In context of the above, candidates are required to note the following instructions carefully-
1. The candidate should bring his/her ADMIT CARD to the Examination Hall to secure Admission as per the Dates and Venue specified on the same.
2. The candidate should enter the Examination Hall at least twenty (20) minutes before the prescribed time for commencement of the Examination and get seated immediately according to Roll Number.
3. No candidate shall be allowed to enter the Examination Hall after the commencement of the examination.

4. Immediately after entering the Examination Hall/Room the candidate should make sure that he /she has no unauthorised book or paper with him/her or in the desk. Only articles specified in the instruction appended to the ADMIT CARD would be allowed.

5. Mobile Phones and Calculators are strictly prohibited in the Examination Venue.
6. Loaning or interchanging of slide rule, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener etc. in the Examination Hall are not permitted.

7. The candidate should check that the Question Paper / Booklet supplied to him/her has the required number of pages immediately after receiving the same. In case there is short of any page(s) the fact should be brought to the notice of the Invigilator/Supervisor immediately.

8. The candidate should not tear out any page(s) from the Booklets. Doing so will lead to disqualification.
9. The candidate should read carefully and follow thoroughly the instructions printed on the cover of each Booklet.

10. The candidate should write the ROLL NO. only in the space provided for the purpose on every Booklet/OMR Answer Sheet. Failure to do so will entail loss of credit for the Paper. Candidates should not write anything in the space allotted “For Office Use Only”.

11. The candidate must not write his/her Roll No. or name or anything else except the actual answers to the questions anywhere inside the Booklet. Not adhering to this norm will lead to disqualification.
12. The candidate must note that he/she should write the examination with his/her own hand. In no circumstances, any sort of help from scribe to write answers for him/her would be allowed.

13. A signal would be given at the beginning of the examination. It would be repeated 10 minutes before the closing time and again at the closing time. The candidate must stop writing or revising his/her answers on the signal of closing time. The candidates must not continue to write or revise after the expiry of the time. Any candidate who is found doing so will be disqualified.

14. No candidate shall leave the Examination Hall without prior permission of the Invigilator/Supervisor for any purpose whatsoever.
15. No candidate shall be permitted to leave the Examination Hall until an hour has elapsed from the commencement of the examination nor during the last 30 minutes of the allotted time without submitting the Booklets.

16. No candidate may be allowed to go to Toilet/Urinal during the last 30 minutes of examination. Candidates intending to go to the Toilet may be escorted by an Invigilator. In no circumstances, should a candidate go to the Toilet/Urinal without clear permission of the Invigilator. He/she must not carry any examination material to the Toilet/Urinal. If a candidate slips away from the Toilet/Urinal, he/she will not be allowed to re-enter the Examination Hall. Before going to the Toilet/Urinal, the candidate must close the Booklets.

17. The candidate should hand over the Booklets/Answer Sheet personally to the Invigilator on duty, if he/she leaves the Examination Hall.
18. The candidate must not indulge in copying or communication with other candidate in the Examination Hall. He/she will be disqualified if found doing so.
19. Smoking in the Examination Hall/Room is strictly prohibited as per relevant rules of Government imposing ban on smoking in public places.
20. Discipline and silence must be observed in the Examination Hall. Talking and consuming tea etc. is strictly prohibited.

21. The candidate must abide by such further instruction as may be given by the Invigilator/Supervisor of the Examination. If a candidate disregards any of the instructions or indulges in disorderly/improper conduct, he/she will render himself/herself liable to disqualification.

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  1. It is better to inform news live channel about result.

  2. How many of us mailed and tweeted to FM? Commenting here will not help. If possible let news channels know our story. Then only something may happen.

  3. Is there any hope of getting result this year?

  4. I hope our situation does not become like TET passed candidates some of whom are waiting for appointment since 2011-12. At least they know that they have passed the written. In our case even that is not possible yet. One year is a long time for an unemployed.

  5. There is an another cabinet meeting in 8 Sept. Do we have a chance for getting the final list?

  6. It is nearly 1 year since written exam. More delay in declaration of result can cause cancellation of the whole process. Everyone take it seriously and mail our concern to CM individually. There is an official mail id of CM available. Support the cause. Its for our future.

    May be govt is not sure how to appoint candidates without interview. Pass marks were declared by aim and perhaps too many have passed in written. Now what to do?

  7. I request everyone to appeal personally from their FB accounts to CM and FM. Otherwise we may not know whats going on.

  8. Result will be declared on July 2017.

  9. I have a feeling that its been cancelled. Otherwise there is no reason for such delay. New govt has already cancelled some recruitment processes started by the old one. However AAO exam should not be cancelled. Held in a very systematic and transparent way.

  10. Only thing we can do now is to appeal to CM, FM in their FB accounts. But we all should appeal together. Do you care to join?

  11. Is the gov going to declare the result or not? Are they serious about us or not? 10 months completed since written exam. What a waste of time,energy and resource?

  12. Is there any news about our written result of asstt. audit inspector?

  13. Today is Aug 15. Where is the result?

  14. Any chance to get result in August month?

  15. Since budget has been presented they should declare it in august. Very unlikely that orals would take place. If we believe FM then it will be directly from the written exam. Even after this if gov do not declare results in august then we should not wait longer and file a complaint to CM.

  16. TETs being talked about because vacancies are many. 7000.10000 whatever. Some “old debts” to be paid by the new govt. also suitable for publicity. But does that make AAOs less important? Govt should not forget that we are also waiting for last 8 months and not even sure whether exam is still valid or not. If they cant appoint us in this year then they should declare it. Its Pathetic.

  17. I hope we have not wasted our time in appearing the exam. TET s are getting more attention because vacancy is more. 7000, 10000 whatever. Some old debts to be paid and good for publicity.But does that make AAO s less important?

  18. What happen to result?

  19. Has it been cancelled by the new Govt? Only the appointments of TET teachers being talked about. AAO does not get any mention.

    1. In Assam there is only one and only tet job.o Oher job is useless according to FM.

    2. No it has not been cancelled. Exam was conducted by AIM ,ghy in transparent way. So the recruitment process is fair and transparent. There is no reason of cancellation.

  20. Any news about result?

  21. Any update for result?

    1. No result till today.

    2. No result till now. Is it cancelled because of govt changed?

  22. August is the month. Few days left.

    1. When the result will be out?

  23. AAO department comes under CM. So we should approach to CM.

  24. Please all candidates come together one day. We will unitedly submit an application an application to CM. Please reply.

  25. When result will be declared? Any news?

    1. No result. Its irritating.

  26. Why not anyone complain on it?
    Go to media.

    1. Exactly. We should complain it.

  27. There is no official notification regrdng this. However FM said in TV that till march 2017 it would be a difficult period for us. It might be the reason for delay. We can expect results after the budget in July.

  28. Any news about the result?

  29. Finance minister said that if at least 30 candidates make sign an application to him he will take action against it.

  30. Does not matter if its 2017 or 18. What matters is the delay in declaration of result and unknown reasons behind that. If AAO appointments cannot be made shortly then govt. should make it clear in any of the press conferences. Then we will not be waiting anymore.

    1. AAO department comes under CM.

  31. We should appeal to Honorable CM on Facebook.

  32. Result will be declared on June 2017 as per official notification.

    1. Where is the official notification? Kindly mention.

  33. 100 days work plan does not include appointment of AAO. God knows what will happen to these posts.

  34. Results to be declared in august. If viva does not take place then a computer test may be held. It is due to the fact that pass marks have been fixed for the written exam and thus there is probability that more than 63 candidates would clear the exam. Hence computer test might act as a final test.

    1. Any update for result?

  35. Should we appeal to Hon’ble CM on facebook?

  36. Is there a common platform for candidates? Please inform. If there is, then when we should appeal to govt?

  37. 2017 is too far. They are saying that govt financial condition is bad. On other hand they regularized 7000 teachers and talking about recruiting 10000 more. Then where do our 63 posts of AAO stand? Waiting for results feels like making fool of myself. Everyday I check news papers and nothing comes out. It has been 8 months now. Even apsc have declared January results.

  38. Where can I find this official notification?

  39. Cabinet meeting will be held today. News channels are talking about test appointment only. No channel has mentioned nothing about Assistant audit officer appointment.

  40. Result will be declared on march 2017 as per official notification. All candidate sleep in their home till then.

  41. Nothing is known whether aim had submitted result to govt, whether viva be held or not, whether this cabinet meeting will approve the appointments or not rtc. All these are our guesses. It is really frustrating. I request the govt. to develop a system where exam date and result date are notified along with the recruitment advt. For this they should have a recruitment commission like ssc. It is really frustrating to wait for such a long time without having any clue.

  42. May be cabinet meeting in 27th June will approve the final appointments as Grade 3 Interviews have been abolished. Hope we don’t have to wait further.

  43. All candidates please come together, we will complain an application to minister otherwise result declared after 5yrs.

  44. Will results be declared within June or not? It has become annoying.

  45. Result will be declared or not or it is cancelled? Can anyone say?

  46. Result may not be declared before June. No time left for declaration pf result, interview and appointment before elections.

  47. After elections may be.

  48. When aao exam result in Assam will be declared ?

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