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Organisation : Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Jaipur
Announcement : Admit Card
Designation : Clerk Grade-II (LDC) 2015

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Print Admit Card for Clerk Grade-II (LDC) Recruitment, 2015

Exam dates scheduled on 16/10/2015 and 17/10/2015

Procedure :
i) Enter Application No.
ii) Enter Date of Birth
iii) Enter Captcha code is case sensitive.
iv) Click on “Print Admit Card” Button
i) Enter Roll No.
ii) Enter Date of Birth
iii) Enter Captcha code is case sensitive.
iv) Click on “Print Admit Card” Button

This is a Mock Exam and the Question paper displayed is just for practice purposes only.
Under no circumstances, it should be presumed as a sample paper.

A. General Instructions:
**  Total number of questions – 100, Total Duration of the Exam. – 2 hours.
**  Each question carries 1 mark.
**  Each question has four alternative responses. You will have to click on one radio button indicating the correct answer.
**  There is no negetive marking
**  Mobile Phones or any other electronic gadget is strictly prohibited in the examination hall. Any candidate found with such an objectionable material with him/her will be strictly dealt as per the rules.
**  You have to sit for the exam for entire exam duration. However if the exam time elapses the system will automatically submit your exam.
**  You will not be allowed to resume the exam once submitted.
**  You will have to stay back for the whole of 2 hours even if you have completed the exam early.
**  Do not close any window directly when you are taking the exam.
**  Collect your printed copy of your exam report from the Test Administrator,if being instructed so.
If a candidate is found copying or if any unauthorized material is found in his/her possession, F.I.R. would be lodged against him/her in the Police Station and he/she would be liable to be prosecuted under Section 3 of the R.P.E. (Prevention of Unfair means) Act. 1992. RLA may also debar him/her permanently from all future examinations of the RLA.

B. Instructions related to Online Examination-How to take the exam?:
**  The clock has been set at server and countdown timer at the top right corner of the screen will display left out time to closure from where you can monitor time you have to complete the exam.
**  Click one of the answer option buttons to select your answer.
**  To change an answer, simply click the desired option button.
**  Click on REMOVE THIS ANSWER button to deselect a chosen answer.
**  Click on SAVE THIS ANSWER & SHOW NEXT >> button to save the answer before moving to the next question. The next question will automatically be displayed.
**  Click on MARK FOR REVISION & SHOW NEXT >> to review your answer at later stage.
**  To see a given question in another language, click on the View in drop-down and select the desired language.
**  Make sure you click on SAVE THIS ANSWER & SHOW NEXT >> button every time you want to save your answer.
**  To go to a question, click on the question number on the left side of the screen.
**  The color coded diagram on the left side of the screen shows the status of the questions :
White – you have not attempted question no 1
Red – you have not answered question no 8
Green – you have answered question no 17
Golden – you have marked the question no. 26 for revision
Golden – you have marked the question no. 35 for revision with answer
**  All the answered questions (Saved or If you select any option of a particular question and click on MARK FOR REVISION & SHOW NEXT >> button) will be considered for calculating the final score.
**  Do Not PRESS any keyboard key once the exam is started.This will LOCK your exam.
**  Do Not CLICK on the SUBMIT Button unless you have completed the exam.In case you click SUBMIT button, you will not be permitted to continue.

C. Other Important Instructions :
**  Please ensure that you reach one hour before the scheduled time of exam.
**  Candidates will be briefed about the exam process in a separate room at the exam center as per availability.
**  Candidates must practice Mock test module from the website of Vidhan Sabha. The mock contains 25questions and 25 minutes duration will be given to attempt these questions.

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