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MANAGEMENT: 12th Sept.,2015

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Basic elementsof Research Paper and Thesis
Computer knowledge on development of graphs bar charts and pi charts
Linear differential equations of higher order with constant coefficients – Cauchy, Legendre’s homogeneous equations – simultaneous linear differential equations. Rank of a matrix – eigen values and eigen vectors – Cayley Hamilton theorem – quadratic forms. Correlation – coefficient of correlation – lines of regression – rank correlation.

Stoichiometric and composition relationships.Limiting reactant.Excess reactant.Degree of completion.Basis of calculation.Weight percent, volume percent and mole percent.Density and specific gravity.Composition of gases on dry basis and on wet basis.

Material balances. Tie substance. Yield.Conversion.Processes involving chemical reactions. Material balance calculations involving drying, dissolution and crystallization, Processes involving recycle, bypass and purge.

Vapor pressures.Effect of temperature on vapor pressure.Antoine equation. Reference substance vapor pressure plots. Vapor pressure of immiscible liquids.Ideal solutions and Raoult’s law.Non-volatile solutes.

Humidity.Percentage saturation.Relative saturation or relative humidity.Dew point.Vaporization.Condensation.Wet and dry bulb temperatures.Adiabatic vaporization and adiabatic saturation temperature.

Heat capacities of gases and gaseous mixtures.Effect of temperature on heat capacity of gas. Mean heat capacity of gas. Kopp’s rule.Latent heats.Heat of fusion.Heat of vaporization.Trouton’s rule.Kistyakowsky equation for nonpolar liquids.Estimation of latent heat of vaporization using Clausius – Clapeyron equation.Enthalpy of humid air, and humid heat capacity.

Standard heat of reaction.Standard heat of formation.Laws of thermochemistry.Standard heat of combustion.Calculation of heat of formation from heats of combustion.Calculation standard heat of reaction from heats of formation, and from heats of combustion.Standard integral heat of solution.Effect of temperature on heat of reaction.Kirchoff’s equation.Adiabatic and non-adiabatic reactions.Theoretical and actual flame temperatures.

The first law and other basic concepts: Joule’s experiments – internal energy – The first law of thermodynamics – thermodynamic state functions – enthalpy – the steady state – steady flow process – equilibrium – the phase rule – the reversible process – constant V and constant P processes – Heat capacity.

The second law of thermodynamics: Statement of the second law – heat engines – thermodynamic temperature scales – thermodynamic temperature and ideal gas scale.

Entropy: entropy changes of an ideal gas – mathematical statement of the second law – the third law of thermodynamics.

Thermodynamic properties : PVT behavior, Thermodynamic property relations.

Solution thermodynamics : fundamental property relations – chemical potential and Phase equilibria, fugacity and fugacity coefficient, vapor/liquid equilibrium for pure species, fugacity of a pure liquid, fugacity and fugacity coefficient species in solution.

Chemical reaction equilibria: the reaction coordinate – application of equilibrium criteria to chemical reactions – the standard Gibbs energy change and the equilibrium constant – effect of temperature on the equilibrium constant – evaluation of equilibrium constants – relation of equilibrium constants to composition – equilibrium conversions for single reactions – phase rule and duhem’s theorem for reacting systems – multireactionequilibria.

Factors affecting stability of double stranded DNA. Statistical thermodynamics of monomer-dimer equilibrium for DNA and brief discussion of implications for PCR primer design and DNA microarray design. The helix-coil transition theory of polypeptides.Ligand-receptor binding equilibria.

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