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Campus Admission Entrance Test Admit Card
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Date of Entrance Test : 04-07-2015

The entrance test for admission to various courses for the session 2015-16, as specified in Table I, will be conducted at Jhansi center only.

The applicant can opt for more than one course (up to a maximum of 5) based on his qualification and eligibility.

Merit of the applicant may be prepared for courses in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th priority based on his entrance mark.

The question paper shall consist of 100 questions divided into TWO sections, A and B. Each section shall consist of 50 questions. A candidate is required to attempt both the sections.

Section A : (Questions 01 – 50)
G.K., Reasoning, Numerical Aptitude, Language and Computer Sample Questions

Q1. Which of the following states is a member of the ‘Seven Sisters state’ ?
(A) West Bengal
(B) Tripura
(C) Orrissa
(D) Bihar

Q2. Sum of four brothers is 56 yrs. If the interval of their ages is 4 yrs, The age of remain most will be?
(A) 16 yrs
(B) 32 yrs
(C) 24 yrs
(D) 20 yrs

Q3. I___________the test for the course last week.
(A) Take
(B) Taken
(C) Taking
(D) Took.

Section B : (Questions 51 – 100)
Based on relevant subjects as per the eligibility conditions. (Please refer Table III for composition of Section B of the Test Paper)
Sample Questions
Q1. Downs syndrome is associated with ?
(A) Trisomy at 21st chromosome
(B) Trisomy at 21st chromosome
(C) Nullisomy at 21st chromosome
(D) Nullisomy at 21st chromosome

Both the sections shall consist of multiple choice questions. Each of theses questions shall have four options out of which only ONE option shall be correct. A candidate has to select the correct option and fill the corresponding number in the Answer Sheet against the question in a way that the letter inside the circle is not visible. The candidate shall have to blacken the relevant circle with ball point pen to indicate the same. BLACK BALL POINT PEN SHOULD BE USED FOR BLACKENING THE CIRCLES ON THE ANSWER SHEET.

Correcting fluid should not be used.

Candidates are not permitted to carry in the examination hall/room paper, mobile phone or any other type of gadget for communication.

Nothing should be written on the Question Booklet except for the Roll No.

The candidates should ensure that the answer sheet is not folded or damaged and there are no stray marks on the answer sheet.

On completion of the test, the candidates MUST HAND OVER THE ANSWER SHEET TO THE INVIGILATOR in the room/hall.

The candidate has to bring his admit card compulsorily in order to appear in the Entrance test. If a candidate fails to bring the admit card he/she shall not be allowed to sit in the Entrance Test.

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