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Organisation : Madhya Pradesh Employees Selection Board, Bhopal
Entrance Name : Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology Diploma Entrance Test (ADDET) – 2024
Announcement : Download Admit Card
Exam Date : 27/06/2024
Website :

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ESB Madhya Pradesh Download ADDET Admit Card

Date of Examination is 27th June 2024. To Download Admit Card for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology Diploma Entrance Test (ADDET) – 2024, follow the below steps
Steps :
Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter Application No.
Step-3 : Enter Date of Birth
Step-4 : Enter First 2 Letters of Mother Name+Last 4 digit of Your Aadhar No.
Step-5 : Enter Captcha Code
Step-6 : Click on “Search” Button.

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Syllabus For Animal Husbandry & Dairy Technology Diploma Entrance Test

Physics :
** Unit and dimensions, dimensional analysis, S.I. Units, Motion in two dimensions Cases of uniform velocity and uniform acceleration, General relation between position and velocity, Uniform circular motion, Force and inertia Newton’s Laws of motion Conservation of momentum and energy.

** Static and kinetic friction. Work energy and power collisions, potential energy, gravitational potential energy and its angular conversion to kinetic energy. Potential energy of a spring, Rigid Body rotation and conservation of its momentum.

** Moment of inertia, theorems of Parallel and perpendicular axis. (Moment of inertia of uniform rings, disc, hin rod and cylinder only).
Acceleration due to gravity and its variation, Universal law of gravitation, geostationary satellites,26escape velocity.

** Hooke’s law, Young’s modular shear and bulk modulus, surface energy and surface tension, kinetic theory of gases, gas laws, kinetic energy and temperature. Specific heats at constant volume and constant pressure, mechanical equivalent of heat, isothermal and adiabatic processes.

**  Heat conduction in one dimension, convection and radiation, Stefan’s Law and Newton’s law of cooling, Periodic motion, simple harmonic motion, Oscillations due to spring, Wave motion, principle of superposition; Progressive and stationary waves, Beats and Doppler effect.

** Wave nature of light, Interference, Young’s double slit Experiment, Velocity of light and Doppler’s effect in light. Reflection, refraction, total internal reflection, curved mirrors, Lenses, mirror and26lens formulae. Dispersion in prism, absorption and emission spectra.

** The human eye, defects of vision, magnification and resolving power of telescope and microscope “e” and “e/m” for an electron, Einstein’s photoelectric equation, photocells.

General Studies : (20 Question)
1. General Science and Environment
2. Geography, History, Sport and Culture of M.P.
3. Information and Communication Technology
Note:- Up to the level of 11th & 12th

Sample Question of ADDET

If concentration of product is increased than the rate of reaction is
A Increase
B Decrease
C Same
D Can increase or decrease

The number of Bravais space lattices in a cubic system is_______
A 3 (Simple, face-centered, and body-centered)
B 3 (Simple and body-centered tetragonal prism)
C 4 (Rectangular and body-centered, rectangular prism, rhombic and body-centered)
D 2 (Rectangular and body-centered, rectangular prism)

Coordination compounds have great importance in biological systems. In this context, which of the following statements is incorrect?
A Cyanocobalamin is vitamin B12 and contains cobalt
B Haemoglobin is the red pigment of blood and contains iron
C Chlorophylls are green pigments in plants and contain calcium
D Carboxypeptidase-A is an enzyme and contains zinc

Which sulphides are not soluble only in aqua-regia?

In qualitative analysis, Cd is under –
A I group
B II group
C III group
D IV group

The reaction of chlorine on carboxylic acids to form alpha chloro acids is called
A Hunsdiecker reaction
B Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky reaction
C Hoffmann mustard oil reaction
D Rosenmund reaction

Reaction of methylamine and acetyl chloride is similar to the reaction of aniline with:
A Carbonyl chloride
B Methyl chloride
C Bromine water
D Acetic anhydride

Which of the following diseases is due to the deficiency of vitamin A?
A Scurvy
B Nightblindness
C Beri-beri
D Anemia

How many carbons are in simplest alkyne having two side chanis ?
A 5
B 6
C 7
D 8

The least number of carbon atoms for an alkane to show stereoisomerism is –
A 2
B 3
C 4
D 5

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