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Announcement : Download Hall Ticket SSC & Intermediate (TOSS) Public Examinations, May, 2015

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Procedure :
i) Select District
ii) Select School
iii) Select Student Name
iv) Click on “Download Hall Ticket” Button

Time : 3 Hours
Maximum : 100 Marks

Instructions :
1) write the answers for questions under Part-A in your answer book
2) write the correct number of the questions your answer
3) write neatly and legibly.

Answer the following questions in a sentence each : (10 x 1 = 10 Marks)
1. Name five agents that cause pollution.
2. What according to the courtiers is the most difficult job in the world?
3. What has been the primary concern of Amartya Sen in his writings?
4. How did the little squirrel help Rama to build the bridge over the sea?
5. Which were the countries fighting against Austria?
6. How and when did Kondiba become blind?
7. Why was Mother Teresa given the Nobel Prize?
8. How did Anju Dua prove her ability?
9. “Of one loving mystery, for the healing of earth and the renewal of all life”. What does the word ‘healing’ mean in the above line?

10. Identify the two sets of rhyming words in the following poem: With their feet in the earth
And their heads in the sky The tall trees watch
The clouds go by
When the dusk sends quickly The birds to rest
The tall trees shelter them
Safe in a nest.

11. Complete the following poem: 4
Sticks and stones………………………..
…………………………..that haunt me. (4 lines)

12. Read the following sentences from the lesson “The King and the Tamarind Drum”. Write them in the correct order of events. 3
1) The barber whispered the secret to the tamarind trunk.
2) The king goes to a forest.
3) The king boasts he is more handsome than all the gods.
4) The tamarind tree is blown down.
5) The tamarind drum reveals the secret of the King.
6) The bad tempered god punishes the King.

13. Write a letter to your friend thanking him for the birthday present sent to you. Use the clues given below in the box: 5
express thanks. liked – gift – Titan wrist watch felt – absence. Many friends attended – party got – gifts. cut – cake remember to attend – next birthday.

14. Report the event the described in the box. 5
Imagine you have attended a debate on the importance of both Telugu and English langu- ages. Now read the following and make a report.
You must have the following points in the report:
Telugu – mother tongue – important, language of most people English-equally important. communication skills in both desirable-emphasise primary classes.

15. Read the following passage and make notes : 4
For a long time scientists have been making experiments to grow better plants, rear better animals and make better food. In future we shall have more engineered food which will not be made from real plants and animals. We now have engineered meat. Recently some farmers in America tasted some ‘meat’. They said it was meat, but it was made from a mixture of seaweed and soya flour. The engineered food is very much cheaper and is more nutritious. For example, man-made meat has more vitamins and proteins than real meat.
Title :
Two things talked about :
Difference between the two things :
Benefits of engineered food :

16. Read the following passage and prepare notes 4
Verbs are of two kinds. Finite and Non-finite verbs are grouped into three classes. They are (a) participles (b) Infinitives and (C) Gerunds. Participles are further classified into present and past, while infinitives are divided into To-infinitives and Bare infinitives. Now fill in the boxes with the correct words

19. Read the following passage and answer the questions given after it. 5
When the king awoke the next morning he followed his normal routine. First he drew his mirror out from under his pillow and gazed into it. Suddenly the guards outside the king’s room heard a loud shriek. They came rushing in to find the king sitting straight in bed with a large pillow on his head.
Now answer the questions.
a) What was the first item of the king’s normal routine?
b) Who made a loud shriek?
c) Who are ‘they’ referred to in the passage?
d) Why did the king have a pillow on his head?
e) Where was the king?

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